About Ctac Group

A unique collaboration of IT companies that understand what your business needs.

We are Ctac Group

IT companies that make ambitions work. Ambitions of organizations that want to use IT intelligently. Because your business is growing rapidly and technology is constantly changing, we provide peace of mind and confidence in your IT processes. With technology at the level of your ambition and the future of your organization. Change that works and is manageable. This is how we keep your business agile.

We do this with the best partners and strong players who empower our group. Players with their own expertise, own domain, and own services. A unique collaboration of IT companies that understand what your business needs. One strong group. With one strong vision: We see the execution your ambition requires.

Our approach is as simple as it is powerful. Ctac Group ensures that you can flexibly respond to today’s and tomorrow’s challenges with your business. By combining ambitions, IT technology, and effective change, we create a future-proof environment in which your organization thrives.

The strong companies within Ctac Group form a powerful ecosystem of expertise and innovation. Our collaboration enables us to provide tailor-made solutions that perfectly meet the needs of your organization. We are here to make your ambitions a reality.

Other companies in Ctac Group

As IT consultants at Ctac, we naturally have a lot of technical knowledge, but our expertise goes beyond that. Precisely because we understand your business, we develop and implement systems and processes that succeed. At Ctac, we really take the time to get to know you. We map out your daily activities and then proceed to work with the proven technology of market leaders in business and IT for you.

Technology2Enjoy stands for future-proof ERP solutions for medium-sized and large organizations. To achieve this, we provide experienced Oracle and SAP consultants on a project or secondment basis. And as our name suggests, when implementing, managing, and optimizing business processes, we ensure a pleasant working atmosphere with a healthy dose of humor.

We understand that you want to focus on running your business and not deal with IT matters. DIGIMIJ has been relieving many SME clients of all their IT issues for years. We stand as a reliable total provider for long-term partnerships and fast service. DIGIMIJ is as always ready to assist you in this modern and fast-paced world.

“Oliver IT is a true techies’ company with profound IT expertise. But we won’t bother you with that. Unlike most IT companies, we prefer to talk as little as possible about IT. What we do want to discuss are your ambitions, how your company operates, and how it can be improved. Only then do we talk about the technology that can support you. That approach works like a charm.