Wil Daniels

Wil Daniels

Management Partner

Wil Daniels started his career in 1984 after graduating in Computer Science, an education later complemented with degrees in Business Administration and Supply Chain Management. He passed through various IT positions, from technical database design to functional application design. In the early nineties, he implemented one of the first SAP R/3 systems in The Netherlands, a technology platform that would continue to play a key role in this further career.

Wil held positions in various industries as an ICT leader and Supply Chain Management leader but the bulk of his experience was in consulting services. He was an associate director with PwC Management Consultants and had P&L responsible positions with Origin and Ciber. The latter obtained the “Best ERP services Company in The Netherlands” accreditation in 5 consecutive years from Computable Magazine under his leadership.

Wil’s project and program management experience was obtained in the Chemical, High Tech and Financial Services industries with footprints in Europe, the US and the Far East. Next to creating technological sound solutions he focuses on Organizational Change Management as a key success factor in implementing ICT solutions for multinational clients. His style is results oriented but includes coaching of all members of a project or program organization including steerco executives, project managers and project staff.

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