Change Management

Organizational Change Management are those activities that assure implementation and embedding of all organizational changes stemming from a Project. This is important for both the content of the project as well as for the way the project and associated changes are being handled.

On the content level, Change Management addresses topics such as:

  • What is the new organizational structure and hierarchy as a result of this project?
  • How does the new Planning and Control Concept look like;
  • How are tasks, mandates and responsibilites distributed across the members of the organization?

When we look at the way people in organizations handle such changes then we hit the key theme of "Resistance to Change". With that we mean underlying concerns that people find hard to communicate openly about. Such concerns could for example be:

  • "Will I still have a job after completion of this project?"
  • "Am I capable of doing the tasks required from me after this project?"
  • "Will everyone be able to see and use the information that today is available only to me?".

Resistance to Change can take many forms. Yet all have in common that the true underlying concern is invisible and therefore cannot be discussed in a structured manner. This situation requires for the right Interventions to take place and the application of a well thought through Change Strategy.

Purple Square has vast experience in recognizing and handling resistance to change in Projects. Together with our principal we will discuss such resistance and implement the right strategy.

Since change management is such an essential ingrediĆ«nt in the success of any project, we will fully integrate it in our project approach and project management philiosophy.

All Purple Square staff are certified in the ADKAR Change Management Methodoloy. ADKAR is a comprehensive Method developed by the ProSci organization in USA.

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