Programs and Projects can differ greatly in the extent to which the exact endresult is clear upfront and in the extent to which the way to get to that result can be clearly stipulated. This can be caused by the nature of the project but also by the fact that often project members and other stakeholders may have little experience with projects in general or with the specific content of a given project.

Programs and Projects therefore require strong and clear Leadership. A Project is a Transformation of the current state to a desired state. Project Management therefor has to make clear to all involved:

  • How the desired state looks and why it is a better state than the current one;
  • What the roadmap to that desired state looks like;
  • What this will mean for all project members and stakeholders;
  • What the risks are and how these will be mitigated.

Lack of information will cause uncertainty with people. It is the task of management to remove that uncertainty and to lead the way.

Purple Square Management Partners have vast experience in leading Programs and Projects, but also as line-managers of large organizations. In consultation with our principals we will provide the leadership that is required to bring projects to successfull completion. In this way we will guide projectteams and the organization through difficult times and we will keep everybody motivated on the highest level.

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