Our Vision

Even in a relatively small country like The Netherlands we see that billions of Euro's are lost in failing ICT Projects (news items May 2014).

As most experienced Program and Project Managers know, this can be done so much better.

Then why doesn't it happen any better? More than once this has to do with:

  • imcompatable, unalligned and ofter personal interests, like revenue targets and power distribution;
  • resistance to change, initiated by underlying concerns which people find hard to reveal and share;
  • decision making without sufficient understanding of the content of a program;
  • overstretched ambitions and castles in the air for which no one can define their true added value;
  • underestimating the importance of various stakeholders and insufficient involvement of these groups.

Our answers to these challenges are as follows:

  • Reduce Complexity and focus on Added Value;
  • Integrate Organizational Change Management into the core of the Management of the Project;
  • Focus on Experience and Quality of the resources in the Project;
  • Take Decisions Business Case driven and Content driven.

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