Risk Management in the Supply Chain, how to survive in turbulent times, November 24, 2020, by Arthur Recter. 

Here is the Purple Square Project Survey Report 2020 showing you the top Success and Fail Factors for your Projects and Programs.

Webinar recording of "Risk Management in the Supply Chain" from September 2, 2020 by Arthur Recter and Piet van der Plas.

Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestments: their impact on IT, by Wil Daniels

Best Practices in Project Management (Dutch), by Ian van Deijck.

Content, Conflicts and Consensus - Three Key Factors to look for in successful Project Management, by Wil Daniels

6 Criteria for finding the right People for your Project, by Wil Daniels

Characteristics of good Project Managers, by Wil Daniels

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Stick with the Plan,... or face Reality, by Wil Daniels

10 Characteristics of Project Managers that should get you worried, by Wil Daniels.

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